Break free from disjointed systems and increase output.

Paragon Computing Solutions helps building supply companies break free from disjointed systems by delivering streamlined software that increases your output.

If you are like most building supply companies, you’re frustrated by a disjointed ordering-through-delivery process that is wasting your time and money. Your data is not readily available, you can’t modify orders on the fly, and data re-entry mistakes are costing you valuable resources. This is hurting your customer service and suffocating your growth.

Your current system used to work, but even though you’ve outgrown it, you feel locked in.

We remember being there.

But we’re happy to tell you that we’ve helped many building supply companies streamline their systems and increase their output while cutting waste.

You can break free from the disjointed systems that are holding you back, and streamline your operation with a custom-tailored software package from Paragon Computing Solutions.

Paragon's suite of software empowers you to...

Sell by the linear foot

Stop using unique codes or spreadsheets

Automatically price special trims

Stop manual calculations

Only enter the data once

Stop wasting time with manual order re-entry, faxing, or printing

Easily modify the order in seconds

Stop tracking down printed copies of the order

Watch how our software can help you!

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How to buy

Ongoing support and software updates are included to ensure your new system grows with you.

Starting at $475/month for five users

Imagine… a streamlined operation that allows you to seamlessly manage inventory, manufacturing, delivery, and accounting.


That’s what Paragon Computing Solutions can help you achieve.

It’s time to change.

With each passing year, you are increasing your dependency on an inadequate system that is suffocating your growth. The sooner you break free, the better off your company will be.


Stop feeling overwhelmed and suffocated.

Get back in control and get ready for long-term growth.


Get a demo.

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