Products for the Building Supply Industry

The Paragon Computing Solutions family of products are designed to streamline your business.  Paradigm Accounting is the heart and soul of all of our systems, and is a required component for the rest of the products we offer.

Paradigm Accounting

Streamlined Software Designed for Building Supply Companies

Is your current software solution decreasing the efficiency of order entry, pricing calculations, purchasing, or other necessary functions of your business? Paradigm Accounting has been developed by and for companies in the building supply and light metal manufacturing business and can dramatically improve your turnaround time from receiving an order to having that order produced.

Quickly and easily enter products that need to have custom lengths defined (like roofing panels, trims, and flat-sheets), seamlessly transition from a quote to an order, and draw custom trim profiles that will automatically calculate the price for that trim based on the parts that go into it. Import customer orders from external design programs, quickly create purchase orders for special ordered products and much more. Use this system that is designed around the idea that data should be entered only one time and watch your efficiency skyrocket.

Even More Powerful with Add-on Modules

Streamline your business even more with additional modules to customize Paradigm to your needs.  Any of the following modules can be purchased individually.  Not sure which modules are right for your business?  No problem.  We have a dedicated support team that will help you choose which modules will give you the most control and efficency.

Watch how our software can help you!

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Production Add On Logo

Production Add-On

Integrated Manufacturing and Inventory Management​

No more printing out sales orders and emailing or walking them out to the warehouse to be produced. After creating your sales order, simply release it to manufacturing and the items that need to be produced will appear in the Production module. From this module, filter based on machine and production date to see the orders that need to be manufactured for that day.

Production allows your business to print labels to affix to produced items, track coil numbers, easily view and produce custom-drawn trim, substitute products, and more.

Automatically sync orders to rollformers and brakes with our seamless integrations.

Fulfillment Pro

Smart Order Fulfillment​

Fulfillment Pro is a flexible system designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of gathering products for orders and loading them onto the delivery truck.  Print out pick tickets or label each line with a barcode that can be scanned as the order is loaded onto the truck. 

Intelligent filters ensure employees only see items that they are responsible for gathering.  Tight integration with Paradigm allows office workers to see gathering progress and easily make change orders.

Fulfillment Pro also allows yard workers to record backorders, process inventory transfers, and receive purchase orders from a tablet.Speed up product gathering, reduce mistakes, and see the live status of an order.

Dispatching Software


Time-Saving Delivery and Dispatch Solutions

Use Dispatching to view and manage orders that need to be delivered, schedule trucks, assign stop orders, transfer inventory between warehouse locations, and more!

This integrated dispatching software allows your entire process – from scheduling trips, to printing paperwork, to invoicing – to be handled within one system.

Do you need multiple Routes? Do you need uniform driver paperwork? Then this is the module for you.

Customer Portal

Resource-Saving Customer Tools

The Customer Portal for Paradigm allows you to create accounts for your customers that they can use to access their own quotes, orders, and invoices online. Cut down on the number of quotes your salespeople need to create by allowing your customer to create their own quotes through Customer Portal.

With their Customer Portal login, customers can be allowed to view and print their own documents, view inventory at their customer-specific price level, release orders to their salesperson, and more. Allow your customers to service themselves and reduce the workload on your employees.

Software Integrations and Custom Software Development

Unable to find software to meet the unique needs of your business? Are you doing duplicate data entry?

Paragon Computing Solutions software consulting services provide custom developed solutions and software integrations to address these challenges.  Our expertise includes custom database solutions and add-ons or integrations with 3rd party applications such as QuickBooks.

Tools we utilize include Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft.Net, ASP.Net, Crystal Reports and Microsoft Access.

Industry Specific Support

Our excellent customer support is fast, knowledgeable, and experienced with many clients in the same industry as you; allowing them to answer your questions in a timely fashion. Need a feature added or a bug fixed? Call us free of charge to discuss changes, and we will advise on the best course of action to handle your request. Give us a try – contact us to schedule a free demo today!